Town of Chevy Chase to Hold Green Town Fair on Sept. 22

The Town of Chevy Chase will be holding a Green Town Fair on September 22 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pin at the Lawton Community Center, 4301 Willow Lane, Chevy Chase, MD.  The purpose of the Fair is to promote more environmentally friendly approaches to home living and maintenance.  Admission is free and the event is family-friendly.  More information about the event can be found here: chevy chase green town fair flyer 

Hurricane Florence Advisory from PEPCO

While the impact that Hurricane Florence will have on the DC Metro area is still uncertain, PEPCO has put out the following advisory for residents living in the DC Metro area:

“With Hurricane Florence expected to make landfall within 24 hours, residents are encouraged to prepare with flashlights and fresh batteries on each floor, bottles of water, non-perishable food, fully charged cell phones and other electronic devices, and an updated emergency supply kit.  Residents should also have a portable radio or TV on hand to monitor weather forecasts and receive official information. has additional information on preparedness.  Pepco has emphasized that residents should stay away from downed wires and assume they are energized. If a downed wire is discovered, please call Pepco at 1-877-737-2662 to report.  In addition, any power outages should be reported at and request automated call back when power is restored. “

Next Bulk Trash Pickup on September 15

BULK TRASH PICKUP: Bulk trash pick up will be Saturday, September 15. Items must be at curbside by 7 AM. Our contractor uses different trucks to haul different items, so do not be alarmed if certain items are removed before others. Please contact You Call We Haul, Inc. at 301-605-0140 if you wish to dispose of a refrigerator, freezer or air conditioner.

Bulk trash includes: Washing machines, dryers, stoves, hot water heaters, other major appliances, furniture or parts of furniture, large toys, bicycles,
wing sets, bath tubs, sinks, toilets, do-it-
yourself amounts of earth, sand, gravel, demolition debris and construction waste, parts of automobiles, but not fleet tires.

Excluded are: Large tree stumps, poisons, acids, caustics, explosives, oil or other flammable liquids, motor vehicles and parts such as batteries and tires, bricks and general construction material, iron pipe over 10 ft. long, large rocks, wood piles, large tree limbs, dead animals, human or animal feces and ammunition.

State Highway Administration Has Cancelled September Presentation to Village

We regret to have to inform Village residents that the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) , which  had previously firmly committed to making a presentation at the upcoming September Village Council meeting on the Managed Lane Study and the possible expansion of I-495/270, advised the Village on September 4 that it was backing out of that commitment.  The supposed rationale for this was that SHA received over 2300 comments during the last comment period, and wanted to take the time to fully digest those comments before doing any more community outreach.  We do not now expect a presentation to be made by SHA directly to the Village Council and residents until sometime in the first quarter of 2019. We have expressed strong concern about this delay, particularly if SHA were to move to the next phase of the process before meeting with us.  We will continue to follow up with SHA on this and will keep Village residents apprized of any further developments.

This item will still be on the agenda for the Village Council meeting and we will provide an update based upon the presentation that SHA  made at the Public Workshop held at Pyle Middle School on July 25, as well as the written comments submitted by the Village to SHA on August 27

Comments Submitted by Village of North Chevy Chase Regarding the Managed Lane Study

The Village of North Chevy Chase, by its Council, submitted comments on Monday (August 27,2018) on the Managed Lane Study, based on the presentation made at the Public Workshop at Pyle Middle School held on July 25, 2018.  The comments submitted did not attempt to specifically assess the 15 alternatives that had been identified by MDOT/SHA but rather, reflecting input and concerns raised by a number of Village residents, focused on some more general concerns regarding  the Study, including highlighting  a number of specific issues that need to be addressed more fully by MDOT/SHA as the work effort progresses.  The comments that we submitted can be accessed here:   VoNCC Comments on Managed Lane Study.

REMINDER: Comments Due by Monday, August 27, on Proposals to Widen I-495 and I-270

This is a reminder that, in connection with the Managed Lanes Study being conducted by MDOT/SHA, comments on the presentations regarding proposals to widen I-495 and I-270 made at the most recent round of Public Workshops, including the workshop held at Pyle Middle School on July 25, must be submitted by no later than this coming Monday, August 27.  If you have views, either positive or negative, about the proposals, and you want them taken into account, it is very important for you to submit those comments by August 27.

For your convenience, we are again providing the link to a transcript of the verbal presentation made at the July 25 meeting, as well as copy of form distributed at that meeting on which comments can be sent it.   Residents who have concerns about this are strongly encouraged to fill out the form, or prepare a separate letter if that is your preference, and either mail it  to the address indicated on the last page of form or submit it electronically to the following  email address:  [email protected]  Additional information about the presentation made at the meeting is available on the website for this project, which is

This is a link to the Transcript and this is a link to the form.

Also, the Village is in ongoing discussions with MDOT/SHA regarding their commitment to make a special presentation at the next Village Council Meeting on September 18, which will be open to the public.  We will provide additional details about that session as soon as they have been firmed up.  While comments can be provided at that time as well, if you want your voice heard, it would be preferable that you submit your comments by the August 27 date.



Sidewalk Update/8900 Block of Montgomery Avenue

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the sidewalk replacement effort on the 8900 block of Montgomery Avenue has been delayed again, and is now scheduled to start on Monday, August 13, and should run through the week.  As previously advised, once the project starts, there will be daily daytime  parking restrictions (from 7:00 am  to 5:00 pm) on the east side of Montgomery Avenue and driveway access for residents on that side of the street may be restricted during portions of the sidewalk replacement effort.

Form for Submitting Comments to State Highway Administration Regarding Beltway Expansion Proposals

A number of Village Council members, as well as a number of residents of the Village, attended the State Highway Administration (SGA)  public meeting held on July 25, 2018, at Pyle Middle School, the purpose of which was to provide additional information about the proposals under consideration for Beltway widening.  A transcript of the verbal presentation made at the meeting including an explanation of all of the alternatives under consideration is attached here.  See  » Transcript – July 2018 Open Houses » I-495 and I-270 P3 Program 

At the meeting, a form was distributed on which individuals could submit comments about the proposed project; the form also indicated that comments should be submitted by August 27, 2018.  A copy of that form is attached hereto for your information. See  SHA Questionnaire Form

Residents who have concerns about this are strongly encouraged to fill out the form, or prepare a separate letter if that is your preference, and either mail it  to the address indicated on the last page of form or submit it electronically to the following  email address:  [email protected]  Additional information about the presentation made at the meeting is available on the website for this project, which is .

At the meeting, representatives of the Village expressed concern that the Village Council had never been officially contacted about this project previously, notwithstanding representations made at the meeting that extensive community outreach had already taken place.  As a result of this, SHA has committed to make a presentation to the Village Council and interested residents, which hopefully will occur at the next Council meeting on September 18, 2018.  We are still in discussions with SHA about the logistics for this meeting, but will provide updated information once final arrangements have been made.  Although this meeting will occur after the comment deadline referenced above, we have been offered a  commitment from SHA that any comments offered at this meeting will be taken into consideration as well.  That notwithstanding, it will be much better for residents who have views on this to submit them by the August 27 deadline if at all possible.

Update on Montgomery Avenue Sidewalk Replacement

With the worst of the bad weather now hopefully behind us, plans for sidewalk replacement on the 8900 block of Montgomery Avenue should commence on Monday, August 6.  If things go well, work should be completed by the end of the week.  There will be daytime parking restrictions on the east side of Montgomery Avenue and residents living on that side may lose access to their driveways for part of the time involved, so vehicles that need  to be used should be parked on the street.