Form for Submitting Comments to State Highway Administration Regarding Beltway Expansion Proposals

A number of Village Council members, as well as a number of residents of the Village, attended the State Highway Administration (SGA)  public meeting held on July 25, 2018, at Pyle Middle School, the purpose of which was to provide additional information about the proposals under consideration for Beltway widening.  A transcript of the verbal presentation made at the meeting including an explanation of all of the alternatives under consideration is attached here.  See  » Transcript – July 2018 Open Houses » I-495 and I-270 P3 Program 

At the meeting, a form was distributed on which individuals could submit comments about the proposed project; the form also indicated that comments should be submitted by August 27, 2018.  A copy of that form is attached hereto for your information. See  SHA Questionnaire Form

Residents who have concerns about this are strongly encouraged to fill out the form, or prepare a separate letter if that is your preference, and either mail it  to the address indicated on the last page of form or submit it electronically to the following  email address:  [email protected].  Additional information about the presentation made at the meeting is available on the website for this project, which is .

At the meeting, representatives of the Village expressed concern that the Village Council had never been officially contacted about this project previously, notwithstanding representations made at the meeting that extensive community outreach had already taken place.  As a result of this, SHA has committed to make a presentation to the Village Council and interested residents, which hopefully will occur at the next Council meeting on September 18, 2018.  We are still in discussions with SHA about the logistics for this meeting, but will provide updated information once final arrangements have been made.  Although this meeting will occur after the comment deadline referenced above, we have been offered a  commitment from SHA that any comments offered at this meeting will be taken into consideration as well.  That notwithstanding, it will be much better for residents who have views on this to submit them by the August 27 deadline if at all possible.