Village Map

Description of Boundaries:

  • The Western boundary is formed by the east side of Connecticut Avenue (odd numbers only).
  • The Northern boundary is Husted Driveway from Kensington Parkway to Clifford Avenue and the area south of the beltway.
  • The Eastern boundary is formed by 8800 block of Clifford Avenue, (even numbers only), 8826 McGregor, 8900 block of Clifford Avenue, 3500 block of Hutch Place and 900 block of Clifford Avenue (even numbers).
  • The Southern boundary is the north side of Jones Bridge Road from Connecticut Avenue to Clifford Avenue.

To help the community understand the boundaries of the Village, we have provided a detailed map of the Village of North Chevy Chase. To view the map, see below or click on the link below.

Link to Village Map

Street Addresses within the Village of North Chevy Chase:


Clifford Avenue (8800-9006) 8806-8810 even only; entirety of 8900 block; 9002-9006 (even only).


Dundee Driveway (3600-3607)


Husted Driveway (3601-3705)

Hutch Place (3503-3507)


Inverness Drive (3600-3820)


Jones Bridge Road (3601-3809) odd only


Kenilworth Driveway (3600-3827)

Kensington Parkway (8801-9101)


McGregor Avenue (8826)

Montgomery Avenue (8801-9011)

Montrose Driveway (3800-3818)


Stewart Driveway (3601-3607 & 3700-3717)

General Demographic Characteristics

According to the 2020 Census, within the Village of North Chevy Chase, there are a total of 211 housing units and a total population of 682.

In addition to housing units, the Village of North Chevy Chase is home to the North Chevy Chase Christian Church.

For more demographic characteristics of the Village, please visit the United Census Bureau (please make link to website - More detailed Census information including housing, gender, and economic development in the Village of North Chevy Chase can be found on the Census website as well.