Forms & Permits

Village residents are required to obtain a Permit Application for Village of North Chevy Chase for additions, or alterations to existing structures and new construction as well as for the replacement or erection of fences or the siting of dumpsters and temporary storage units.  Permits are required for, but not limited to: new construction, room additions, a porch or deck, a shed, a garage, a fence or wall, sewer/storm runoff, swimming pool, driveway, dumpster, sports court with lighting, curb cut, sidewalk, in-line generator, portable on-demand storage unit, exterior lighting, and built-in exterior oven or grill.

Please note additional guidelines below - contained in the Village's Site Management Conditions Agreement - for property owners/contractors undertaking demolition, new home construction, additions to the square footage of existing structures, sports courts, swimming pools, and/or garages.   These guidelines are intended to protect and promote the health, safety, and welfare of Village residents.  The agreement must be signed by the property owner and building contractor prior to permit issuance.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in a fine - to be taken out of the security deposit - and/or suspension of contract work.

Village of North Chevy Chase Site Management Conditions Agreement

Building permits are not required for activities occurring entirely within the interior of a building, nor shall any building permit be required in the case of ordinary repairs or maintenance.

The completed application, including all supporting documentation and appropriate fees must be received by the Village Manager 7-14 days prior to the next scheduled Village Council meeting (timeframe depends on type of permit - please see building permit application for details) to be eligible for a decision at that meeting.  To avoid delays, it is recommended that a representative of the applicant be in attendance to respond to questions at the Village Council meeting prior to a decision being rendered.

Regardless of whether or not a Village permit is required for a particular activity, it is incumbent upon Village residents to determine whether a Montgomery County permit is required for that activity and, if so, to obtain such a permit.