Pet of the Month: Carlitos!

Hi I am Carlitos.  I am part Chihuahua and some other things too.  I am 7 years old. I used to have a different owner but she lost her job and couldn’t take care of me anymore.  She left me on Kathleen and Jim’s doorstep.  I was scared.   Kathleen and Jim love dogs.  They took good care of me and helped me feel better.  But they already have a dog and couldn’t keep me so they called Sherri.  Sherri and her family already have a dog so Sherri called my new mom.  Lisa, Federico and their son Max fostered me for a few days.  I was ON MY BEST BEHAVIOR and they said I can stay!!!!  I wanted to show them how happy I was, so when I was on a walk with Max I escaped my harness and ran all the way back to their house to show them I know where my new forever home is.