Pet of the Month/Ms. Daisy

Provided by Daisy’s 8-year old person.

Daisy is a Havanese. Daisy is very playful. She loves to play ball and chase. Daisy loves to sleep on my lap. She is very funny. She is usually very quiet. When visitors come she barks then she gets used to them. She knows some people around here, like my friend Max.  She doesn’t bite that much. She loves to play with her dog friend next door. Daisy loves to play with her toys. Her favorite toy is a strawberry squeaky toy. She can run faster than me. She can also out run me. Daisy is always happy. She likes to take my stuffy’s. She doesn’t like to take baths. Daisy snores when she sleeps. She likes to sleep on my robe. She likes to go on walks. She loves to run. She has a lot of energy. She sleeps in the afternoon. We got her December 28, 2018. Daisy is six months old.