Corrected Version: Community Composting Pilot Project Opportunity for Residents of North Chevy Chase

In support of Montgomery County’s Strategic Plan to advance Composting, Compost Use and Food Scraps Diversion, residents of the Village of North Chevy Chase are being offered the opportunity, in cooperation with the Compost Crew,   of participating in  a Community Composting Pilot Project.  The pilot project is also open to residents within proximity yet outside the Village boundaries.    A minimum of 15 households is needed to register to start the project.

The pilot project will last for a two (2) month period at a discounted rate of $35.00 (which includes a bin, liner, and weekly pick-up during the 2 months).  After the two months and depending upon community demand, a special rate will be offered to the new composters.

Food composting is valuable to reduce landfill volumes, mitigate greenhouse gases and climate change, raise awareness of food waste and consumption habits, and reinforce soils and storm water management efforts.     Please see the following blog for more information:

If you prefer to compost at home/in your backyard, free bins are available at the Audubon Gift Store.


To REGISTER for the Community Pilot, please go to:

For more information, please contact:  Helen Santiago Fink, [email protected]